Normal Way To Bathe

This pretty spot is one of Elly’s favourite places to swim and hang around nude. So she shared it with Gwendalynne and Laurelle. The first impression as they played and bathed was that it looked so much like a scene from the movie sirens or an old oil painting had come to life.

The simple fact that three beautiful women bathing nude and going about their lives is perfectly normal. So it is crazy to think that it is their nudity that will get this scene banned on almost every social media outlet, and definitely would never make mainstream news uncensored. It would take a thin tiny bit of fabric to make it “decent”.

Please give me a break. The same activity clothed or nude is still the exact same activity. They are the same people, clothed or nude. It is still the same scene, clothed or nude.

This pretense that clothing ios moral and clothing isn’t is far too outdated for the 21st century. Just look at them. Look at Elly, Gwendalynne and Laurelle enjoying an afternoon relaxing by a quiet stream. No wonder why painters fell in love with scenes like this. Its normal, its healthy and of course it is beautiful. Three wonderful sirens just enjoying life nude. As it was meant to be enjoyed.

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