Natural Wonder

A nude by the waterfall is a theme used fairly often in nude art. When you see Elly’s nude form in this series of waterfalls you will see why.

Visually waterfalls are magnificent. So is Elly. Combine the two and you get a killer combination. However putting aside the visual beauty (I know that is difficult but try), being nude in this environment is definitely the best way to be. Nude as nature intended, in nature. There is nothing better.

Nothing between you and the water, the air, the sun. It's no wonder why so many people opt to go nude, or why more and more people are trying it out. Of course with nature come the bugs and leeches. One found its way to Elly’s most private area. However it's just a matter of taking them off. In fact being nude is better because you can see them attach. With swimwear she could have missed it.

Nature can be beautiful, nature can be harsh, but the best way to experience it in all its glory is the way Elly has in these photos and video. Totally nude.

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