Stunning Beauty

We are made to believe that clothing will make us beautiful. That covering ourselves up, that separating ourselves from nature, our environment, is somehow good. Elly demonstrates with her nude art, that the opposite is actually true. That we have been lied to all our lives regarding nudity.

Just look how happy Elly is when she is nude. Whether it is indoors or outdoors. Its that connection to nature with her entire body, that true feeling of freedom, that expresses itself as happiness.

You might argue that there is nudity/near nudity in music clips, that porn seems to everywhere. However have you looked at what is promoted and what is censored? On face value most beautiful and constructive types of nudity are censored. Try to find anything similar to what we do in the main stream.

Now look at the main stream and you will only see a more destructive form of near nudity promoted. Strange. Natural beauty is bad, trashy debasing porn (porn that isn't even nude) is good. We have all bought this narrative. Yet deep down we are drawn to nudity like what Elly enjoys. Because that is what is in our nature. It is what and who we are. We are rejecting the lie, without even knowing it. That is why they keep censoring it. They don't want you to know, they don't want you to wake up to this.

Every now and then something good pops up to the surface. Like nude yoga, or nude travel. However once it get the attention of the mainstream, it too gets censored. It too gets destroyed. They don't want anything good coming into our lives.

So in the mean time drink in the stunning beauty of Elly's nude form. Vicariously enjoy Elly's enjoyment of being nude. Or go outside in the warm summer sun, take off your clothes and enjoy nudity for yourselves. The way it was meant to be. Don't huddle in the dark afraid. Go outside into the sun, take of your clothes and drink in all that vitamin D. Let it soak into your entire body (at least let the sun reach your entire body, allowing maximum vit D production). Till next time, stay nude everyone.

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