Paradise Is All Around Us.

Paradise has been no better exemplified than by the presence of Elly in her natural state and environment. Sometimes us mortals do get to go to paradise and witness something amazing. Today is your chance.

There are so many beautiful natural spots around the world. Spots that when you first see them just take your breath away. You are just awe struck at the beauty. Byron Bay just happens to be such a place, with pockets of paradise here and there. Its funny that overwhelmingly it is the natural spots around the world that are considered paradise. Not buildings or bridges.

Elly is so comfortable with her nudity, especially in places like this, that you forget that she isn’t wearing anything but a smile. You get caught up in the aesthetic beauty of both the place and the shapes she is making with her body. You begin to think and ask the question, “Why can’t the world always be like this?”

Indeed! Why can’t it? If only we all had opportunities like this, then certain people wouldn’t be so eager to rush to the “afterlife” chasing paradise. In fact they can. They just need to open their eyes and minds, they will see they are actually right now living in paradise. It's all around them. The opportunities are there. Sometimes they are literally walled off by office towers and the like, but step outside of those artificial boundaries and you will see it is right there.

Every sunrise and sunset, the chirping of birds, the silence of a still day, or the rustle of leaves are just glimpses into paradise, but most of us are caught up in our daily lives, that we miss those moments. As we drive to and from home listening to talk show radio or music. We let “things” distract us from the natural beauty in everyday life that surrounds us right now.

This spot Elly visited, had people come and go in the background. That is why she is glancing that way in the video. Yet no one was upset. Why would you be in paradise? Maybe they should have shed their own clothes and enjoyed the day naturally.

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