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Elly is on the right track when it comes to nudity and nudism. Though that track can be a lonely one due to the type of world we live in. She is accepting of nudity. Both her own and of others no matter their age, shape, race or sex. She understands that nudism is not offensive. It's not offensive to her.

In a society ruled by fear and mandatory dress code, it's little wonder why so many are reluctant to go nude. There are still a lot of people who will go nude regardless, and that number slowly grows, but it is a slow growth. The fear is very strong. Fear of family and friends ridicule. Fear of job repercussions, and fear of the law (which is outdated regarding nudity).

Some of the fears are justified, while others are not. Unfortunately you can’t always tell which is which until you try it, or speak to someone about it. Some will practice civil disobedience, as that seems to be the most effective way for this type of social change to happen.

Elly always goes topless at a beach. Always! She strongly believes that is her right. Rightly so. She will even go fully nude, when she feels it is safe to do so. Never on a non-nudist beach, because she like many of the models we work with, know (sadly), that most nudist beaches are places where perverts and literal wankers gather and get their jollies. So if you ever wonder why there are so few women at nude beaches. Especially single women. Now you know why.

They would rather risk going topless or nude at regular beaches. Thankfully many of the beach goers in those areas are accepting of Elly and her friends. Maybe this is the right rack for positive change to nudism. Maybe it is people like Elly and other models, that actively go nude in traditionally non nude places that show the rest of society what it is like just simply going nude at a beach. They see it first hand in the flesh. They see and learn, that it is normal.

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