The Oldest Culture On Earth

There are many cultures around the world, and we are supposed to be respectful of them all. However there is one culture that seems to be disrespected nearly all the time. That is nude culture. Elly like many nudists is getting tired of this lack of recognition that nudism is not just a valid culture, but is in fact the oldest culture on earth.

Clothing is io fact a very recent phenomenon. Prior to that nudity was not just commonplace but was actually the norm. Nudity in many tribal settings was quite common up until the middle of the 20th century. There are still places where it is an everyday part of life, but sadly it is being appropriated by the prudish attitudes. Prudish people are forcing their views onto others. Yes forcibly.

Many tribal people from the Amazon went fully nude for tens of thousands of years. Then as prudish culture usually in the name of religion, many of these tribal people now wear clothes or at the very least pants. Clothing on most cases is forced upon them. They are told they have to wear it.

Nudity in Europe was common when bathing or swimming. Toplessness of women was also quite common from everyday people through to royalty. Many dresses were designed to show breasts while breastfeeding was just an everyday part of life. It all began to change around the middle of the 18th century

In our own western culture full nudity is still very much a taboo subject that isn’t discussed openly very often and certainly rarely practiced in the public domain. Men had to fight for the right to go shirtless nearly a hundred years ago, while today woman are undergoing the very same battle.

It is our bodies, yet we don’t have full rights over our own physical form. Either government, or religion are controlling (or trying to) control our bodies and what we can or can’t do with them. It is our literal birthright to be nude, yet we are denied this most basic of rights.

Quite often it is the excuse of someone might be offended or embarrassed that is used to stomp on opur freedom. Try walking fully nude down a busy street in most western cities and you will be arrested for either indecency or disturbing the peace. Both of which isn’t the nude person's actions, but rather the reaction of those claiming to be embarrassed or offended. How one reacts to nudity isn’t at fault here but the person just simply going about their daily routine (albeit nude), is the one considered at fault.

Nudity is our culture. It is all of our cultures. It is one culture that unites us all, as it shows that we share a common trait. Regardless of beliefs, skin colour or ethnic features, we all share the same basic nude form. It is time that the mainstream accept our nude culture. It is time the law accepts it and allows people like Elly to practice it anywhere they like.

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