Something To Hide?

Why is it that those people that keep saying "well if you have nothing to hide then you should be okay with.....", are the ones with something to hide? How many tyrannical new laws and invasions of privacy where instigated by that opening sentence? By people that DO have somethiong to hide. Lots to hide. Elly on the other hand literally has absolutley nothing to hide and reveals it all.

Why is it that those “in charge” want to watch your every step, see all your bank accounts and see every transaction you make, but you are not allowed to see theirs? Is it because we are run by criminals? The head of the IMF for example was convicted of Fraud in the past yet she is now head of the most powerful financial organisation on the planet. Yet they want to watch everything you do. Maybe they are projecting onto you. Just some food for thought.

That is the true beauty of nudism and nude art. It is pure, honest and open. It represents freedom in so many ways. No wonder why those in charge, both government and big tech, want to suppress it and the truth. The more you dig, the more you realise just how corrupt the world really is and the organisations that set policy (usually unelected officials), dictate how you must live your life. Elly will live hers the way she wants to, and that includes without clothes.

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