There is a natural order of things in life. Water flows down hill, plants grow when enough water and sunlight, birds have feathers and humans are born nude. Elly knows this about the nature of things and loves to go nude anywhere and everywhere she can, especially in nature. It is is her nature.

Living in cities, surrounded by tech and built objects, constantly bombarded by advertisements and messages in all forms of media, forced to wear clothes (yes forced). With all that people in general have forgotten their very own nature. Most have forgotten that they too were born nude.

There is more to life than just accumulating “stuff”. Stuff that most people end up throwing away after a few years. They spend most of their lives working day after day, just to spend it all and giving back that hard earned cash to the very people that gave them the money in the first place.

The next bit is possibly the most important thing you will hear in your life, and will change the way you look at life forever. WE DON’T OWN ANYTHING. That’s right we don’t own a single thing. We are temporary caretakers, then we die and then somebody else has it until they die. So why do we place so much importance over ownership of things if we never actually own them. Do we own the planet? Do we own nature?

Our true selves are our minds. Our body is a vessel. No one has the right to claim ownership of our bodies. No one has the right to claim what we can or can’t do with our bodies or how we choose to experience the world around us. If people wish to go nude, then so be it. It is their right as much as it is yours to choose how you wish to experience the world.

Elly understands her nature of things at such a young age. She embraces this and lives the life she wants. Shes goes nude in nature, she lives in nature, she laughs, she loves. That is what life is really about. Experiencing the world around us and enjoying that as much as our short lifespans will allow.

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