A Giant Falls

A giant tree that once towered overhead and stood dominant in the rainforest, has fallen across this stream. It is still a formidable object, but one that Elly uses for some stunning nude art.

Throughout history many giants have fallen over time. Trees, mountains, even empires all fall and decay into history. Its inevitable. Today’s tech giants think they are an unstoppable force, but they too will fall with their unprecedented censorship. With a new bill in play we hope the sooner the better.

Just as the falling of this tree has given rise to many smaller trees to have a chance to reach for the sky, the felling of these tech giants would give fresh new players the opportunity to grow and hopefully be better.

It is sad that millions of people will never see the stunning beauty of Elly’s nude form because of this censorship. Denying the freedom for people to choose is not just sad, but totally wrong.

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