Take Back Your Life

We as a society are fast approaching a cliff. Not the physical one that Elly is enjoying some nude time on, but a metaphoric one. Society has a choice to keep heading toward the cliff or make a decision to stop and go back. Or at least change direction to avoid the cliff.

What cliff is that? The same one the people of Germany had to face back in 1939. Back then they didn't have the benefit of the internet to find alternate bits of information. The didn't have information at their finger tips that could travel the globe in the blink of an eye. They where highly intelligent good people, yet they allowed themselves to be bit by bit hypnotised, or coerced, or just done in such small increments that they didn't see the change take place, but they allowed their society to not just alienate, but to commit some of the most horrendous atrocities to humanity ever seen before.

We are in a place where we need to make that same type of decision. The circumstances and the setting seems different, but the choices and the way governments are behaving, especially here in Australia, are heading to a very dark place. A societal cliff, that once you go over there is no going back. It is just a quick plunge into the deep abyss.

The simplest answer to any form of tyranny is non-compliance. It has been the single most effective tool an unarmed populace can do. It has worked throughout history. That is how India got their independence. Non-compliance. Think about it. Do you want to go back to a life of going nude on a beach without a worry in the world? Do you want a world again filled with pretty girls like Elly having fun nude? Do you want to have the freedom to go anywhere you like, anytime you feel like again? Complying to stricter and darker directives will never lead to freedom. Only non-compliance will lead to freedom. You don't even have to life a finger. In fact not lifting a finger is the best course of action. Its that simple.

Look at alternate sources of information, Seek knowledge from places other then the main stream and then compare. See the facts, not just opinions, and you just might see the true picture that is evolving before it is too late to change it. Its all in our own hands. Not the hands of some fictitious hero in a story. Its up to you and only you.

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