Carbon Is Life

Cabon is neccessary for life. It IS life. We (like Elly) are ALL carbon based lifeforms. She is a very beautiful version or carbon based life. So when you hear things like we need to get rid of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or that carbon has to be taxed or we need to get rid of carbon, it is in fact saying we need to get rid of life as we know it. Food, medicine, animals and so much more are all made of carbon. Most things on earth are made from Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen as the major constituents. Removing carbon interupts the natural carbon cycle in a negative way. It could end up freezing the planet or worse, reduce the amount of oxygen we breathe.

Trees need carbon dioxide in order grow. That is a fact. Trees in return "breath out", oxygen. The stuff we need to stay alive. The more carbon dioxide (up to a point) there is in the atmosphere the more trees and the bigger they grow. Large farms that grow strawberries, will grow them in enclosures that pump extra carbon dioxide in, so that the strawberries they produce will be even larger.

The earth has had much higher levels of carbon dioxide before today. It also coincided with more plant life and larger versions of plant life than today. Think dinosaurs.

The earth has also been much hotter, and also much much colder. Earth has at one point had ice cover it from pole to pole, including the equator. It also had jungles that covered nearly every landmass on the planet.

The earth is heating up, but it might not all be due to human activity. Our part might be so insignificant that it might not matter much. The main cause of global heating (or cooling) is our sun. Think about it. A giant nuclear furnace hundreds of thousands of times bigger then earth, just a mere 8 light seconds away from us. Its not global warming. Its solar system wide warming. Every planet and moon in the solar system as experienced some level of warming in recent years, as the sun heats up with activity or cools down as it enters a slumber phase. The suns activity is cyclical and all the evidence is in the past.

People and corporations with heavy finacial interests are happy to massage the truth to whatever suits their goals. Why let the truth get in the way of good profits?

So to say we must remove carbon from the planet, to say that there is a war on carbon, that they are building machines to get rid of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, is declearing war on life itself. As carbon dioxide increased so has the number of new trees that have grown as a result in the past few years.

The main stream media today is a lying propoganda machine that does not have your interess at heart. Don't fall for it. Carbon is not just a part of life, it is life.

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