Nude Life.

Black Rocks is a popular tourist spot and gets its name from the colour of the rocks on the island in the background. Elly suggested this might be a nice place for some photos.

However once we got there, there were quite a few people about. This didn’t deter Elly from going nude and just enjoying the beach. As we took photos a small crowd started to gather behind us near the walkway that goes onto the beach. People had no idea if they were allowed on the beach or not. Funny how people react to nudity

Elly continued, but it got to a certain point where the crowd was really backup into the walkway and she asked for her coat. However nobody complained or got upset. They just went about their lives, walking their dogs or just going down to the beach and watch waves. It's how life should be. Nudity and clothing can co-exist. We need to stop listening to the vocal minority and just make nudity a legal option everywhere.

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