Analogue Beauty

We now live in two worlds. The digital world and the analogue world. One is fake (try eating a digital image of an apple), the other is real (mmmmm that real apple is delicious). Elly is real. Although you are seeing her image in a digital format, she does exist in real life. You can hug her, talk to her, dare I say, smell her. She is real. Deep fake humans created by an AI, do not exist in real life and never will.

We are being pushed more and more into this fake digital world. Can you smell a digital rain forest, or the saltiness of the air by the sea. Can you taste a digital burger, can you feel a digital breast? But you can smell, feel, and taste a real analogue one.

Can you live off digital food? No? But you can with real analogue food. Can you sleep in a digital bed? How about a warm soft analogue bed? Feels cosy on a Sunday morning.

So why are they pushing the digital world so hard onto people? In one word.....control. Full and total control. The digital world can be fully controlled in every way by the creator of that world. Those pushing this agenda (the 2030 one), can't fully control the analogue world, but they can the digital one. Every aspect. From what you are “allowed” to eat, how much, what you can spend it on, where you are “allowed" to travel, when you travel, how far you travel, even the ability to spend is fully controlled. Everything is controlled. Every aspect of your life! "But they wouldn't do that" I hear some of you say. Um, yes they would and are putting it all in place right now as you read this.

Do you really want to hand over your entire life to these shady groups for a few trinkets and rewards, in exchange for a collar?

Having a look at a smiling nude Elly, experiencing the real analogue world through her senses, I doubt she would want a collar that limits her ability to do what she is doing in these images and video. Digital as we have experienced it so far has been a boon with sharing information and images like these. However what we are facing ahead, is not a digital world any sane person would ever want.

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