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In the words of ACDC "for those about to rock, we salute you". Dannii becomes a rock goddess for this series of artistic nudes. However is rock dead? Has it been replaced with mindless mass produced drivel?

So how did rock and roll begin? Actually no one is really 100% sure, but this phrase "My baby rocks me with one steady roll" from a 1920's Trixie Smith song may have given rock and roll it's sexual imagery. It was however in 1955 when rock and roll was well under way, Alan Freed came up with the term rock and roll.

Are you like me, tired if the "power ballad", the insipid "boy band" (I hated boy bands with every fibre of my being since I was a teenager, so it isn't an age thing). Do you crave a good solid, loud, fun, entertaining rock band with a modern twist? The question has to be asked. Has rock and roll really died? The answer is both yes and no. There will always be rock bands and people that enjoy and play rock. However in the past 10 or more years, rock has been very much in the fringe as far as the music industry is concerned. Is it because people don't want it or the record companies don't want to record it? Bit like the chicken or the egg argument. I for one miss great new rock bands emerging. Talent shows don't seem to foster or support rock music nor do the major record companies. There are bands out there, wiith tremendous talent, and many young people that crave it, yet it is one genre that is ignored, by the main stream.

This nude series with Dannii I hope will get people to think about rock bands. Maybe an all female nude rock band might shake the music industry (if they are good) to its very foundations, as all great rock music should!

P.S Yes I am aware of Rock Bitch.....well doing research for this article led me to Rock Bitch, who to the best of my knowledge are no more. Do your own search for their videos however.......

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