Dannii The Nude Hippie

The era of hippies, free love and flower power conjure various images for people. Dannii said she was born in the wrong era. She said that she is a hippie at heart, as she feels a real affinity for that time. This series is something Dannii has wanted to do for a long time. Her wish is our command.

The brief Dannii gave was "hippie in an open field". So I remembered an open field near the area I shot Annabelle-Lee's "natural nude" set (Dannii shot the video for that set). Although it was overcast most of the day, the sun broke through by the time we got on location. I shot into the sun to give the maximum lens flare to mimic photos from that era. Also gave it a warmer tone in post production.

Although I have limited knowledge of the hippie era, one is for sure. Dannii makes the perfect hippie, and I think maybe she is right. Maybe she was born to the wrong era. However we are glad that she wasn't, because Dannii is a stunning model. We are glad that is helping to bring a little bit of the past to the present and maybe even the future.

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dannii hippie afternoon

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