Beauty Of Motherhood.

The Mythology of Eve is that she was the mother to the entire human race. Dannii is a mother, so in a way she is the perfect eve. A fashion nude series of photos that show motherhood is not the end of beauty, but a rebirth of a new beauty.

This is not just about Dannii, but about all women who enter motherhood. Some people believe that the body falls apart under the stress of growing a new life within. Some feel that the pressure of raising a child brings about new challenges for women that stress and age prematurely. However Dannii shows that becoming a mother has brought about a new chapter, and new level of happiness of being a woman. A beauty that fulfillment brings.

We at Nude-Muse think motherhood has brought about a change in Dannii. A change that is a positive one. We think she is even more beautiful now than she ever was.

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