Simply put Dannii is beautiful. Yet there will be people who will attack her and other similarly beautiful women, just because they are beautiful. All in the name of social justice. These “warriors” are trying to state that obesity, that unhealthy body types, are the ones we should aspire to and celebrate.

If that tactic doesn’t work then they will say that women like Dannii are being exploited or sexualised. Another complete fallacy. It's not like people with clothes can’t be exploited or doing the exploiting. I am sure that people working minimum wage are not being exploited, or those making clothes for the giant fashion houses are not being exploited. Nope, only beautiful nude models are exploited.

If an obese woman poses nude, she is lauded as being brave and beautiful and groundbreaking. Yet if a beautiful slim woman poses nude, she is either being exploited or a slut. Sometimes these people can’t make up their mind and call them both at the same time. Which is cognitive dissonance running rampant.

Here is a copy of another anonymous dobber complaining to the advertising standards board about the beautiful slim nude models on our car. “I don't believe the images shown on the car are for public viewing. I find it disappointing to see women portrayed like this as it depicts them as an object to be looked at, rather than a woman of intelligence who has true emotions. I don't believe this advertising would be appropriate on a billboard, therefore I don't believe it should be permitted to drive around where many young children and other members of the general public have to see this. As a mother of young children, I would appreciate it if the images are removed from the business car.”

We have news for this person. Dannii is a mother of two children herself. Actually many of the models on the site have children and none of them have issue with them seeing their work. It is beautiful, artistic, and shows confidence in their bodies. They are a positive role model for body confidence. Some of the models actually go nude or topless around their home, even when their children are home. To them it is normal and natural.

It shows just how much influence the mainstream media has had on the minds of the masses regarding nudity. None of the arguments or objections make sense or can be backed up. Yet they are happy to keep on sprouting nonsense like it is an absolute gem of truth.

Its funny how these people say that children shouldn’t be allowed to see, in this case” implied nudity. They seem to forget that men are constantly walking around topless in front of their children everyday. On beaches, on sidewalks, while playing sports, at the olympics, dance shows, the list goes on and on. Even world leaders and celebrities go topless. Yet these same people don’t care if men's nipples and bare chests are seen by their children. Yet as soon as an attractive woman goes bare chested, guess what the reaction is? The reaction is also instantaneous, loud and shrill.

It is high time people stop seeing beautiful women as a problem, especially when they are nude. They are doing a job, they are being creative, they are exploring their own femininity. They are being themselves. Dannii like many beautiful women like the feeling of being beautiful. They like being appreciated. They like being feminine. They are just being themselves, which something people should just accept, whether they agree with it or not.

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