Naked Cycling

The band Queen once sung "I like to ride my bicycle...." and that is very true for me. I have been riding bikes since I was 4 years old and still do when I get a chance. When I got my new bike, I just had to have Charlie-V pose with it.

The health benefits of cycling are so many. It helps with heart and lung fitness, tones every muscle in your body (when ridden competitively) and is a tonne of fun, especially when on a mountain bike and you don't worry about getting wet and messy. After the recent rains in Brisbane i ride all over the place and rode through, mud, water and debris. My bike, my clothes were all wet and muddy, but I had the largest grin on my face the whole time.

I think Charlie-V with a bike brings a certain harmony between a machine and nature. A push bike although mechanical, has an almost organic aspect, as it must be propelled by the power of a living being (if you attach an engine it become a motorbike in my mind). Charlie-V brings her very special elegant and beautiful style to this set of images. One that shows that beauty of machine and nude can be harmoniously combined.

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