Benefits of Nude Sunbathing

Even if you have never sunbathed in the nude before, you would have heard of it or seen images of people doing that. Are there actual benefits for sunbathing in the nude? Celeste and Scarlett-Morgan find out.

The benefits of sun exposure (nude sunbathing) have been know since the ancient Greeks. Hippocrates once said “Exposure to the sun is highly necessary for persons whose health is in need of restoring. The Greeks called it aerination. Germanic tribes used to carry the sick to the sunny sides of mountains in the spring to give them sunshine. Plants and animals that don’t get enough light are usually more feeble, their cell structures weaker and more prone to disease than their solar counterparts. The fact is we need the sun and we need it for perfect health. We need to expose our entire bodies not just arms and face.

Mens testicles need to be loose and hanging free in the open to get maximum cooling in order to produce the most sperm. Sunbathing nude has helped some people with prostate issues and even increased testosterone. Women also have benefited from total sun exposure. In moderation the sun is essential to our bodies and going nude is the absolute best way to get that.

After being cooped up inside the house for many days don’t you start to crave the sun? In some nordic countries there is a mental illness associated with not enough sun, when they have a couple of months of total darkness. They have even built special “sun rooms”, which are essential rooms with lots of bright lights, to counter the effects of the dark. We really need the sun for better health.

So after the photo shoot. After all the work was done. Celeste and Scarlett-Morgan opted to stay nude for the rest of the day and just sunbathed and swam nude by the pool side. They want to stay healthy. Now the question is. Are you going to start sunbathing nude too?

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