First Light Of Day Nude

To wake up as the sun rises is a wonderful thing. To experience that while nude is something even better. Caity did just that recently and enjoyed every moment.

Despite it being winter, Caity braved the cool morning for arts sake. It was a cool, calm morning and the sun had a little warmth that was much appreciated in the sheltered spot. During the photoshoot we encountered several people on their early morning walk. Dog walkers, fishermen, and another lady who was photographing the sunrise as well.

Everyone had the same thing in common. Everyone was there to greet the sun and enjoy the peace and tranquility this time of day has. They all were fine with Caity’s nudity as well. One person even commented just how beautiful she looked as she posed amongst the rocks with the first rays of light for the day, struck her stunning nude form.

Nudity is not just normal and natural. It is also a beautiful experience, for both the observer and the person experiencing the world through their entire body. This was a truly wonderful morning. One that Caity enjoyed very much. It is a great way to start the day with an early morning nude.

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