Body Wisdom

People who regularly go nude, have a sort of body wisdom. They develop a more mature outlook toward nudity that is severely lacking in many around our community. Caity has developed a body wisdom over the years, where nudity no longer feels “nude”, but instead feels like a comfortable form of clothing.

Take a look at the reactions of TV presenters on main stream shows anytime they mention nudity. People who can discuss political matters, finance, and environmental issues in a serious way, all revert to a childish, snickering and giggling at the mere mention of someone naked. Its shows a serious lack of body wisdom. It shows lack of maturity.

The best way to gain body wisdom is simply being exposed to nudity as often and long as possible. Nudity will become second nature to any that hang around nude people, even if they themselves aren’t nude. Caity normally hangs around her home nude, she also models nude, so it is no wonder that she has developed a high level of body wisdom in such short time. In reality we are born with body wisdom, then it is conditioned out of us. Going nude, or being around nude people can reverse the process and reinstall body wisdom once again

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