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Our first photo shoot with Brittany-Savage is a fashion photo shoot. We know that we normally don’t shoot just clothing, but this as you can see are very special clothes. They are invisible clothes.

These invisible clothes tend not to stain. They are very light and feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. They don’t need ironing, which saves a lot of time in the morning when rushing off to work. Very easy to keep clean. Just a quick rinse and any stains are gone. Oh and it air dries in moments.

These clothes can be worn just about anywhere the temperature isn’t too cold as the one drawback is they don’t have a high thermal insulation layer. They do however allow full freedom of movement which is great if after a business meeting you wish to go for a jog and don’t want to change clothes.

As you can see these invisible clothes have so many advantages over regular textile. Plus they look great. So from now on Nude Muse is going to be a fashion only website and will bring you a wide variety of invisible clothing. We hope you liked the one Brittany-Savage is wearing here. We think it's stunning.

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