Many Find Public Nudity Okay.

As the sun sets in the tropics and a warm balmy evening ensues, Anne discovers this lovely spot for a quick series of artistic nudes.

This was a very public place with a marina, a caravan park and a small pub/restaurant just several meters away. We both thought this would make a great spot for a series of photos but were concerned what people might think of a nude photo shoot happening right under their noses.

It turns out we needn’t have worried. We did start cautiously with a see through mesh apparel that Anne brought along. It did suit the tropical evening mood of the scene. However nothing is more beautiful than the nude form.

A decision was made and Anne decided let's just do it. Despite it being a quick photo shoot, there were many people who saw the amazing beauty of Anne posing by the shore wearing her best item of “clothing”. Her bare skin. Not one person got upset or complained.

In a lovely spot like this and a warm evening, nudity is a perfectly viable option. This series with Anne is the result of that.

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