What Is Art?

The question that is often asked is what is art? The answer is that art can be what the viewer chooses. Anne understands that the nude form can be artistic or it can be sexual. What is the difference? My view is that art has a meaning or a story to tell. Porn on the other hand is purely for pleasure or sexual arousal. Sometimes the two can intercede, sometimes the boundary line is blurry and the boundary line is different for each person. Even cultural norms have an impact on what is art or porn.

One thing that art must do is make the viewer think, make them take a moment to analyze their perspective and see a topic from a different angle. Someone once said the the "earth" without art is just "eh". Another quote says that "Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed". The purpose of art is not just to make something aesthetically pleasing, but to also question the current way of thinking of any society or culture. One purpose of art is to criticise the current way of thinking. That is what we do. The current way of thinking is that nudity is not just bad, but illegal, morally corrupt and only perverts or deviants would be interested in it. We believe that nudity is the most fundamental state of being. It is what we were born to do, but conditioned to not only give up being nude, but to actually admonish anyone that does want to.

Aristotle once said "There is only one way to avoid criticism: Do nothing, say nothing and be nothing." Anyone that does not stand up for their rights, their beliefs, deserve for them to be taken away. If we can't even get this basic concept right, if we can't even be allowed to be in our birthday suits when it suits us, then how are we supposed to tackle more complex problems effectively?

In this series of nudes Anne poses in a classical style of just the nude without props, without clothing. Just Anne as she was born, totally nude. Yet her nudity is a powerful statement, that she is comfortable with herself, comfortable to stand in front of others without a shield, to put her nudity on display and judgment by millions of people. Only the truly powerful of heart and spirit can do that. Anne you are stunning example to all.

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