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Nearly every person has gone for a swim. But so few have done that nude. Anne goes for a swim nude and shows just how easy it is and how much fun it can be. Nothing feels more natural, than to swim in the nude. If you have never tried it then you must put it on your bucket list.

Swimming nude is just part of the story here. The other part is that Anne, just simply swimming, just being herself, is art in motion. Art does not have to stay still. I am willing to bet that if Rembrandt and Michelangelo had access to modern video cameras, then they too would have filmed nudes in motion.

To anyone that doesn’t like the site of nudity, then don’t look at yourself when you bathe, and if you are in a public place, look the other way if it bothers you so much. We don’t look or stare at you. Chances are you have never tried it yourself. Go ahead go for a nude swim like Anne did. We guarantee you will love it.

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anne nude swim

anne nude swim

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