Right to be nude.

Will nudity ever be in vogue? Will people ever accept that we are all naked under our clothes, that we are nude beings? Anne is very comfortable both in and out of her clothes. This series of Anne is like a fashion shoot, only without the fashion. Just Anne's nude form

We are progressively living in a society where tighter controls of nudity are being proposed and put in place, day after day. We are also told what we can and cannot view. Especially anything to do with nudes. Nudity is fast becoming one of the most controlled and persecuted things today. All in the name of your safety of course. To help you and protect you, because you don't know how to do that on your own. It is led by groups which are extremists in their views on nudity and would push back all the progress we have made by many decades.

Where do these rules come from? Did we vote on them? Did we have a say in how they are drafted or put in place? Do they even have a purpose? Or are they just made up? Does it have any impact on how the world works? We live on a tiny planet in a tiny galaxy. Our technology is barely 100 years old and our species has only been around for 100,000 years or so. Yet we think we have have a mastery on how things should work. We think that we can decide the lives and fate of the inhabitants on a tiny planet, led by people with tiny minds. We think that even if we destroyed ourselves, the universe would be poorer for our passing The truth is, we would not be missed. Throughout history, one leader after another, one tyrant after another, has come and gone, has tried to leave some mark or to control the destiny of everyone, only to discover their own mortality. All the rules and laws created by the pharos are gone or the mayans and many other ancient civilizations that controlled large parts of the world at some time. So will all the rules of today. So why make life harder for everyday people today? People who just want to live a short life as fully and with as much joy as possible. We are overruled and over governed and yet more rules are being put in place. A comedian once said, you can't wake up and get out of bed without breaking one rule.

How many rules and laws don't make sense? how many times have you thought, "that is bullshit, or that is wrong" to a law, such as that which stops people from going outside without their clothes. They can wear anything they want, just as long as they don't wear their birthday suit

Our ancestors walked around naked. Bet they didn't feel ashamed, embarrassed, or offended, by the site of their peers nudity. Why have we been conditioned to be that way now? Who gains from this? Who benefits? Who loses out? All questions that need to be answered.

Most people are apathetic or just too scared to question "authority" or those that govern or in charge. Yet deep down everyone wishes they could change something.

Yes there are very important issues in the world and nudity does not rate higher than feeding the hungry or healing the sick, but it is still important, as it is a right to be oneself, a right to exist naturally. As soon as we get one freedom granted, another two are taken away. Will nudity ever be in vogue? we hope it will and we hope people like Anne wil continue to shed their clothes in the name of art and show just how beautiful we humans can be without the need for clothes

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