Seeing The World In A New Light

Many of us are finding out we are living in a fake world created to keep us from seeing the real one. Just as Anne taking of her clothes reveals who she really is (at least physically), many people are waking up to see the world in a new light.

Once someone has seen the world for what it is, they cannot un-see it anymore. So we are now in a world war the likes of which has never happened before. A war of truth vs lies. A war of information ,data, facts and disinformation. Fact checkers that spread lies and conspiracy theories, who's information has been amazingly coming true one after the other. Of course if you get your information from only one source (looking at several media outlets owned by the same interests is still looking at just one source), you will not see this war, this paradigm change happening. You are what the “truther” community calls as being asleep at the wheel.

I warned people that things like this could happen, when we where black banned, shadow banned and censored almost into oblivion over the past decade. Nay sayers said, they would never do that to others, just “dirty” people like me. I warned that the infrastructure was being put into place to be able censor anyone they want, and where openly encouraging people to help censor groups and businesses like Nude Muse, as a way to test their systems out. Now here we are, and thankfully many are seeing what we told people would come.

It might be too late for Nude Muse, but maybe it will serve as a warning to others that NO ONE is safe from this system. The only way to win in this situation, is don't participate in their system. Don't support those business/companies, don't give them time/money and most importantly avoid giving them any data.

You may have heard of social credit scores. They will control the populace through this system, via a programmable central bank digital (block chain) currency. Programmable because they will decide what you can, and cannot buy (programmed). They will decide based on “how good you are” to increase your score, thereby how much Luxuries like meat you will be able to buy. Having a subscription to sites like Nude Muse will be heavily controlled and will be either forbidden, or heavily penalised via your social score if you do. They will know ever transaction as it will be on their block chain. A centralised block chain, not to be confused with decentralised like crypto is currently.

Hopefully Anne's wonderful nudity will remind people of this new light and remind people to get ready for what is yet to come, because what will come will be far worse than what you can imagine. Brace yourselves, because I warned everyone in the past, about what is happening now, and if you let it, my new warning will come to fruition within the next couple of years.

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