The Art Of A Bike

A motorbike can be argued that it is more than just a form of transport. Enthusiasts will say that a motorbike is a thing of beauty. Combined with the spectacular beauty of Anne this Yamaha is turned into a true form of art.

Anne is a car enthusiast, but she loves all forms of transport that have a unique, interesting flair.

Her pale skin, her dark hair, combine with the blacks and greys of the bike, the white of the background. The only areas of colour are the red of her lips and pink of her nipples.

Nudes with bikes have usually been seen as glamour, that goes into a calendar on a mechanics wall. However nudes have come a long way and nudes on bikes even further. It has become a new art form in so many ways as Anne has demonstrated so wonderfully here.

Still photos by Misty-Day

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