Your Mindset

Whether we die, survive or thrive, is all a mindset. It is our minds that decide how we see the world. It is that same mind that can be manipulated, re-programmed or sees through the lies and deceit. Nudity in front of others is for some like Anne a small and easy step. For others it is too big a leap to take. The only difference is mindset.

Do you stand strong in the face of adversity. Do you rise to the challenge when things go very very bad, or do you capitulate, or simply roll over and die? It is your mindset that enables either choice.

Some people are naturally suspicious, while others just blindly trust and believe everything they are told, especially when it comes from “authoritative sources”. The same sources that self proclaimed their authority. How do they get away with it. Mindset! They never waiver from their stance. Even when faced with stark truth, they just brush it away, and those with a weak mindset just follow along.

Anne steps out of her clothes and greets the world with her nudity, without flinching and without hesitation. Even in very public spaces. It is that strong mindset that sets apart those that do and those that just talk. How is your mindset? Are you strong enough for what is ahead?

If you live in a city and you are tired of the crime, or the politics, or the lock downs or stupid mandates and just wanted to be free of all that. What do you do? Do you live in the reality of those that constructed that situation, or do you alter your mindset and think about making your own changes. Do you sell your house, and buy acreage in the country? Or do you pack up your bags and move to the country with what you have? Or do you stay? What you choose, how you choose your mindset, will dictate the reality you live in. Your mindset is one of the most powerful devices/tools/asset you have.

We create our reality with our minds. Will you allow evil people to create that reality for you or will you create the reality you wish to live in. Think about it. You want to eat breakfast so you make breakfast. You created that reality. You could have decided on eggs for breakfast but you chose a bowl of cereal. You made that reality. Our ancestors, if they need a home, they just built one. They didn't wait for "permission" (allowing those in charge to decide your reality). Your ancestors made their reality, quite literally. You want to grow veggies, you just plant seeds and grow them, you don't wait for permission from someone else. Waiting for "permission" to do something important is not creating reality, that is creating the reality of the permission giver. You must create your own reality. Do it clothed, do it nude, do whatever you need to do to create the reality you want to see. The power is literally in your mind, and thus ultimately, your hands. You create the future you want to live in.

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