Nude As Nature Intended

We are constantly being told that nudity is bad, or worse that it is not part of our community standards. No one questions where these standards originated from and why. Anne goes tribal and returns to the jungle. Totally nude, the way our ancestors were and how many tribal people still do today.

The puritanists argue that nudity is a sin, unnatural and we would all rape each other if we were nude. So called primitive people (in my eye they are far more progressive with cultural nudism than we are), usually go partially and some even fully nude all the time. The entire tribe, men, women and even children, all go nude. They live happy peaceful lives where they respect each other more than our advanced western culture does.

Here is a short video about the Zo'e tribe where everyone is nude all the time. On the solomon islands a small tribe goes nude (photo by Jeff Shea). The married women wear a blue loincloth while the unmarried woman are totally nude. There are dozens of examples that I could put here. All are perfectly happy to be totally nude, until they are contacted by the west and made to feel shame about a way of life that has been going for tens of thousands of years.

So anyone who has the audacity to say that nudity is offensive, or that we should all cover up, I say you are idiots. Nudity is the default natural way to be and live. Clothing and embarrassment when nude has been taught to us and passed down from generation to generation and used as a tool. A lot of our body issues, sexual issues and social issues regarding the human body can be positively impacted by respecting and exploring social nudity. People like Anne have been happy with their nudity and are unconcerned that others can see them totally nude. She has discovered for herself, that being nude is not something to laugh at or be ashamed of, but embraced and encouraged, even if just in your own home. Get undressed right now and go naked in your home for one day, or even just one evening. Do what you would normally do, but do it nude. Experience for yourselves what it feels like to be nude, before you judge others.

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