Who knows what the future holds. There is no certainty. Even those that pull the strings know that unexpected things can happen. We can hope that there is a bright future, but we must prepare for a possible worst. Anne is a beautiful talented woman, with incredible artistic skills with her nude body. The ability to turn nudity from pure sexual to pure beauty with just a single movement. That ability cannot be understated.

Who would have thought 3 years ago, that we would be literally living in a dystopian film/book come to life. Those that orchestrated this brilliantly used people's fear to herd them in the direction we now head. The irony about people's fear of death, is that fear would be used to lead people, to their actual death. So many are dying now because of that initial fear, rather than a rational healthy scepticism that could have saved their lives. If the information is true about what is happening in people's bodies then those deaths will just skyrocket from here. Not to mention what else is planned by the architects of all this. According to one paper, just from this next plandemic, by December 1st 2023, there will be 271 million deaths. Not to mention how many will die of starvation. With all those deaths no wonder why the supply chain is breaking down. Time will tell, but by then it could be too late for billions.

Even Anne knows friends, young friends, who have suddenly died from heart attacks. That is just the beginning of the end for many. I wish I could be more positive, but this might give people the will to make right what was wrongfully done to them before their demise.

As I said its not all gloom, as some people may recover, many will have the chance to learn from what has happened and make sure that it will never happen again. I maybe wrong, I hope I am wrong, but in-case I am not (and time will ultimately tell either way), maybe people will be given that kick in the butt to take the appropriate action.

Anne's nude art is a reminder of what we are in danger of losing forever, but we still have an opportunity to set things right. The future is in our hands and will be made by our own action or inaction. Do you want a bright future for you and your family? Lets hope so.

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