Nudity As Basis For Fashion

People think that elegance, style and beauty, has to come from fashion. That you need to be super rich and have to be in really expensive places with modern architecture and designer names. Anne proves that all that is rubbish.

Here Anne is totally nude, with just minimal fashion accessories, in a woodland setting. Yet she is still amazingly stylish, elegant, fashionable and totally nude, yet not naked. She is strong, and in charge. Beautiful in every way.

Now you can see that being nude is not going to stop a person from being fashionable. Nudity goes with everything, because that is our most basic state. Everything else we do in life is built upon that nudity. Our nude form is the very foundation upon which everything else is built. So instead of shunning out nudity, lets embrace it as Anne has.

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anne fashion nudity

anne fashion nudity

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