The Ducks Didn't Mind.

Both Anne and Misty-Day loved this setting when they saw it. What’s not to love about it? Cute ducks, lovely water view, Anne’s breathtaking nude form…...It just made sense.

There is a funny back story to this set of photos. There was absolutely nobody at this location when we turned up. You might hear her being mentioned in the video. During the photo shoot on middle aged women did turn up but was quite far away. She didn’t stay long and Anne wasn’t concerned by one person in the distance.

Just as we finished and Anne headed back to her clothes at a nearby bench, the same woman started to approach us, followed sheepishly by a man. She asked what where we doing? I said we are finished and just packing up. Which was the truth. We got all the shots and next stop was back home. The woman said “good, because I was about to ask you all to leave”.

To cut a long story short it's funny how it is nearly always a woman that complains about another (usually more beautiful) woman’s nudity. One sour note couldn’t stop our enthusiasm and out enjoyment of such a lovely spot. To be fair, the ducks didn’t mind Anne’s nudity. In fact would any of you be concerned about Anne being nude had you been in the woman’s place?

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