Artificial Limits

People put too much emphasis in age. Its an artificial barrier we put on everything. Anne is 38 at the time of this article. Many people would have said that is too old to model. Yet here she is looking as amazing now as she did 20 years ago.

Age isn’t an absolute. Even Einstein said time is relative. Maybe some of us move through time slower than others, maybe not. We put too many limits on ourselves based on age.

We say that we are too old to play games, or too old to swing on a swing, or too old to climb that mountain, or any number of things we place limits on. What may be true for you, may very well be not true to someone else.

There have been many cases of people defying the false beliefs of age placed upon us by so many close minded people. There was a man named Cliff Young who at 61 years of age ran the ultramarathon from Sydney to Melbourne. He didn’t believe in the artificial limits of age placed upon him by others. Just because some people can’t do it, didn’t mean he or other similar people can’t do it.

Similar myths are placed upon nudists. The same limiting mentality applies to people when it comes to nudity. Just because some people are uncomfortable in their own skin (due to the way they were brought up) doesn’t mean than others aren’t uncomfortable. Just because they have made themselves believe that they couldn’t possibly look at another nude human being, doesn’t mean that others feel the same. In fact most are very comfortable with the sight of another nude human.

So here is Anne who at 38 years would have been told that she is too old to model, that she shouldn’t be nude, is doing both. She is a nude model and we are so very glad that she is, because we think she is better than ever.

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