Nude Harmony

Fashion tree with Anne started off as an aesthetically pleasing project, combining the style of fashion to artistic nudes. Something that Anne is brilliant at. However it is more than just that. Like most good projects it outgrew its original concept and evolved into something more

Let me explain. I’ve talked at length about how we are all nude under our clothes. I’ve talked about how being nude can still be a fashionable exercise. This how ever goes a step further. It is about harmony. It is about how the human body and in fact spirit can be in harmony with its surroundings. Either nude, clothed, or as In anne’s case both. Although our nudity fits nature so completely, we are delicate creatures that don’t have natural defenses against harsh climates and environment. That is where clothing came in play to protect us. However there are times when we don’t need as much clothing, or sometimes none at all. Yet we don’t have many legal options to be nude.

Harmony is also about people letting others live the life they choose without persecution. I don’t tell people that they HAVE to be nude. I don't tell people that they must take off all their clothes be naked all the time everywhere. Yet there are groups of people who tell us that we must be clothed all the time. That we have no choice. Simply the state of nudity has not killed nor hurt anyone. Yet it is treated like a criminal activity. Harmony with nature is also about harmony with ourselves. Anne is in pure harmony with ot without her clothes, and no one was harmed or injured by her being nude.

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