Just Shiny

Shiny is an example of aesthetic beauty of the nude human form, in this specific case the beauty of Aims’s nude form.

Although beauty is appreciated and sought by all of humanity, the visual appeal of female beauty is more male centric. That isn’t to say that women don’t find other women attractive, or simply identify that other women are beautiful, because they certainly can. It is however that men look at beauty in an unconscious or even a conscious way of seeing a prospective mate. That doesn’t mean that anyone looking at a beautiful nude woman only do so due to a sexual desire, as that is just one state that can be derived, its not the only state or response that can be triggered. It can activate a pleasure state. Not just physiologically, but also emotionally.

That is the beauty of art in itself. Art is meant to create these feeling from people. Each individual will have their own personal response. Making art unique to each of us. It isn’t wrong to have feelings, in fact that is good and shows that we are human. However how we respond and act as a result is what can be the difference between someone that appreciates art or appreciates a woman for her to beauty, compared to someone that acts out a fantasy or behaves in an unpleasant way.

Prof Gad Saad explains far better than I can why males are more likely to respond to visual stimuli than females in this video. It explains that we are evolutionarily driven to be more visual in our response to nudity. Not exclusively, but we are more likely. That is not a bad thing on its own.

Aims is a very attractive woman, who can create such wide reactions from so many people just simply being herself. Some will be angry that she is exposing herself, others will applaud for doing what she enjoys, while others will just be glad that they had a chance to experience her beauty unclothed and uninhibited. No matter what your thoughts or ideals the right to do what Aims has done in these photos is more precious than what many realise. Think on that.

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