A Question Of Freedom

Life is everywhere on our planet. We live life to experience the world. Aims is full of life as she experiences the world around her when nude. She is also a life model for the camera. Life has many aspects. All are meant to be explored.

We only have one life, so don’t waste it. That one life is far too short to waste on “killing time” or being told you cannot go nude. It is this last part that we discover just how free we really are, just how much we own our on bodies and lives. Can we truly call ourselves free, if we are not allowed to express our one true nature in pubic? Can we truly be free if we are fined or arrested not long after walking nude out of our front door. What kind of neighbours do we have the would call for your arrest just because you chose not to wear clothes that day? What kind of people are they? You can look them in the eye, and see not pure evil, but another ordinary human.

How is it that those we chose to rule us, let this happen, especially when it is just a minority that would go to those lengths? We all share the basic body parts, we have all seen another nude human being at least once in our life, though we see one everyday when we look in the mirror or wash during our daily ritual. Yet the pretence of offence continues. How do we stop this? How do we change this?

Even with years of charity nude calendars, years of nude bike rides, years of skinny dips for charity, years of nude yoga being mentioned in news papers, we are still stuck in the same place. The only time true momentum was gained , was when social media wasn’t as tough on nudity as it is now. When social media wasn’t shadow banning most people for nude content.

The best way for people to accept nudity as normal, is to see people nude in normal everyday situations. Life is too short to waste. Life is too precious for another human to hold you back from doing what you love and enjoy. Especially when that activity doesn’t harm anyone. In fact that activity has been linked on many occasion to help with both physical and mental health. Aims is full of life and has taken the biggest step anyone in today’s society can make. She went nude in front of the world and showed that it is okay to do so.

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