Forms Of Wonder

This set of photos with Aims is just a celebration of the beauty of the nude form. Over the years we have seen some incredible models bend and twist in some of the most amazing and astonishing ways. Ways that make you ask, how can the human body bend like that? Then along comes Aims who just adds another level of incredible flexibility and beauty.

Yes we are all beautiful in some way. Yes we are all beautiful to someone. All very very true and important to remember. However lets not diminish the talent of people like Aims when they produce art in such glorious ways. Every part of the human body is beautiful. Every part serves a function, every part deserves to be celebrated.

There are no “naughty” bits. Perceiving any part of the human body as “naughty” is all in our heads. It is made up. It is what and who we are. We are nude beings that clothe ourselves for warmth and fashion. Any sense of modesty has been taught, no, indoctrinated from childhood. It isn’t what we are.

Aims could have done this fully clothed, but it wouldn’t have had the same impact, the same point that we are what we are. Take away all the clothes and we are actually a nude being. That fact that Aims did this in such an incredible, stylish, creative and artistic way shows how the human body is capable of producing such forms of wonder. Nudity is our truest physical sense of self.

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