Mastery Of Shadows and Light

The beauty of shadows is that a beauty like Aims can use shadows to stunning effect. In which case she becomes the beauty of shadows.

Photography is all about light. Life is all about light. Without light would there be life at all? None that we can imagine. It is this contrast, this balance between life and non-life, light and shadows, that can make artistic nudes so visually appealing.

It is not just what is revealed, but how it is revealed that can make a significant difference.

The important collaboration between model and photographer is very important. The photographer is the sculptor and the model the clay. Yet unlike regular clay, the model is a sentient, intelligent clay that takes on a life of it’s own. It is this element that makes photographer as an art, so exciting and appealing.

Aims is a wonderful model who, despite being very new to nude modeling (this was her very first experience), she has shown a fantastic natural ability to create images such as these.

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