Swimming Naturally

Skinny dipping. Just those two words alone will bring smiles to so many faces. Memories of fun, laughter and joy of swimming only in your birthday suit. Mia loves skinny dipping in her own private creek. She told me that she has been skinny dipping with her friends for about 5 years now.

We are taught to believe that we have to put on clothes just to go down to the sea, lake or stream and get wet. That we cannot swim unless we are dressed. Doesn't anyone else see the stupidity of that statement. It is like saying that we should wear our clothes in the shower or bath.

Why is it a problem if we swim naked? The usual stupid argument of the uninformed and ignorant is that as soon as we take of our clothes we will all have the urge to have sex with anything with a pulse. I have been to nude beaches where everyone is naked. If anything people were lovely friendly and warm. Nudity was just simply accepted no matter who you are. Mia enjoys her nudity and swimming naked in a stream is as natural as....well swimming naked in a stream. There is nothing more natural.

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