A new season of nude muse travel. This season we will not just got to some great locations, but also look at some nude lisfestyle options as well.

Episode 5

Noosa Edge Retreat

nude muse travel season2 episode 5

Sadly you can't visit Noosa Edge Retreat like Skye did as it has been sold now and no longer a nudist retreat.


Episode 4

Paddle Board Fun

nude muse travel season2 episode 4

Scarlett-Morgan does some nude paddle booarding and gives some great tips for beginners on how to get into the sport.



Episode 3

Nude Picnic in Park

nude muse travel season2 episode 3

There are many places you can go nude. Emily shows that a quiet park is a great place to have a picnic and read a book in the sun.



Episode 2

Nude Bushwalking

nude muse travel season2 episode 2

When the weather warms up people like to go outdoors. In this episode Tibbi goes for a nude bushwalk/hike along a popular trail.



Episode 1

Noosa Nude Beach

nude muse travel season2 episode 1

Dannii never went to a nude beach before, so in this episode Dannii decided it was time to visit the very sceneic and beautiful Noosa's Alexadria Bay.



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