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dannii womanly video

Dannii is possibly the most feminine women I have ever met. Misty-Day, Tiffani, Castelle, Evelyn and a few others are as well . There is just something so soft, so female, so....I can't put words to it (sexy?). I don't know. Its just a “vibe” or feeling you get around her. The way she moves her hands, or walks, sits or even talks. I was never quite sure if any of that was translated in photos, but might in video. I have (in time frame) worked with Dannii more than any other model on Nude Muse. I considered her a friend and that is rare. Dannii was always polite and seemed comfortable with her nudity, (well except that one time in front of her neighbour). So it is more than fitting to have Dannii as the very last Nude Muse, as she was the 3rd ever Nude Muse I have ever photographed in the beginning.

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elly last stand

This is the last stand. Elly is the very last Nude Muse Of The Week for Nude Muse Magazine. After this week I wont be updating the site any more. However it will still be up for as long as people still come and enjoy the past 17 years worth of beautiful nude models having fun and enjoying life nude. Why is this happening you might ask?.....Full Story>

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  • 24th February 2022 After vimeo destroyed the Nude Muse account, it has been a long haul and have uploaded the majority of the members videos to our own server. Will continue to upload the rest as I can. Just want to give a very special thank you to all the people that stayed with us during this tough time. Also thank you to everyone that joined in the meantime as well. Last but not least a great big fuck you to vimeo for reaching out and asking if we would be interested in any of their new products. Seriously!

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