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scarlett-venom wild child video

Fixed all of Scarlet-Venom's videos and added her requested Wild Child video.

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elly cliff

We as a society are fast approaching a cliff. Not the physical one that Elly is enjoying some nude time on, but a metaphoric one. Society has a choice to keep heading toward the cliff or make a decision to stop and go back. Or at least change direction to avoid the cliff.

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  • 30th May 2020 News Update

    Vimeo has pulled the rug from under us and pulled our account. All videos on our site will be gone that had the vimeo player. Which is the majority of videos. We will have to upload very single video we ever made in the past 10 years up to our own server. As you can imagine, that is a monumental task that will take quite some time. We will put priority on all the current videos and interviews and work our way through them as we go. Going forward All new updates with videos will be uninterupted as those will be the first to be uploaded to ensure this disruption is kept to the utmost minimum.

    Vimeo said we used too much bandwidth saying that we where in the top 1% of users, but in their very own advertising states "unlimited bandwidth". That is pretty clear. It doeasn't say unlimited bandwidth for 99% of users. It is UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH. No exclusions. I have a lot more that I could say, but will take this up with the ACCC here in Australia and the similar organisation in the US. Over 12 months ago they did contact me regading bandwidth and working with the vimeo staffer, found out that there where people that somehow used my bandwidth in other places without using the vimeo player. I sorted that out and as a result the bandwidth fell by a factor of 10. That is 10 times less bandwidth. The vimeo staffer said it was all good and that was the last I heard from them till about a week and a half ago. The worst part is that despite them knowing our bandwidth usage for over the last 12 months, not once in that time did they contact me to work something out sooner or say that they changed the goal post and that I was using too much. Not only that, but the plan that I am on didn't have any analytics regarding bandwidth, but they could have offered back then, the plan that did have analytics. Going forward I will do my best to get this video situation sorted. Many of the older videos I may just have to offer download only. Will sort this out as soon as possible for our members and thank you all for your understanding and patience.

    So a warning to all. Don't use vimeo and whatever you do, don't trust their advertising.

    Attn: Have you noticed that prices of everything have gone through the roof? Noticed that some things have doubled in price since the start of the year? Well at Nude Muse we have kept our prices the same for several years now and will continue to do so, at least until we can get all our videos fixed.

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