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alexia mud monster
Going back to the primordial ooze, Alexia becomes a mud monster as she melds and blends with her surroundings.
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jenni stylish
Clothed or nude, Jenni has real style no matter what she does. Clothing doesn't define us. Our bare form, the way we act or behave determines that. No piece of fabric will ever define our morality or value.
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  • 15th January 2016 We have made some important changes to how we do videos. As a result you will notice a much higher quality and clarity of the videos. Most videos will now also be extended play. All new videos from today onward will feature this new high quality treatment. Also the download link will now be featured with the actual video playback page. It is both a convenience and also allows us to have these higher quality videos. From February onward we will also be trialing in the members area a new 50 megapixel format for our still photos (some not all galleries). That is equivalent to 9000 pixel length across the longest side of the photo. Due to the massive increase in size of the photos, some gallery downloads will see a drastic increase in file size as a result. We encourage your feedback on these new developments.
  • 04.04 At wits end with developers. Another one bites the dust So no new site. I will concentrate on fixing all known issues with current one and upgrade all old pages with the newer format and upgrade 3000 and 4000 pixel sized images to 5000 pixels. Also will introduce new features too as I go. Will do this until I can find someone that can actually rebuild a site like this. As you can imagine this will be a massive task for one person, plus doing all the usuall daily activities that take up nearly all my time already so changes will be slow, but they will be happening. At least until I can find someone who can take over. I am not interested in anyone who has put together a simple 5-10 page wordpress/joomla/whatever site. Only those that have actually done similar sites as this one in both size and complexity in a crm postgresql database type format. My trust level is at an all time low so will be extremely fussy with who I end up working with and maybe very difficult and demanding until that person has proven their worth.

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  • Guide Only (dates may change)
  • Penni - 12th Jan
  • Donny-Louise - 22nd Jan
  • Nora-Rose - 24th Jan
  • Belle-Cheeky - Coming Soon
  • Heidi - Coming Soon
  • La-Luna - Coming Soon
  • ???? - Coming Soon
  • More models booked - Coming Soon!
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