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lilly silver bridge
This silver bridge connects the beauty of Lilly's nude form to the bright afternoon light of the sun. We did the Golden Bridge with Kathleen last year. Now it is Lilly who enjoys the waterside on this glorious sunny afternoon.
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scarlett-morgan almost invisible
You could hardly miss the astonishing beauty of Scarlett-Morgan's nude form. She is hardly invisible. However clothing can be. This see through coat doesn't hide anything below. It may as well be invisible. Yet she can wear that to the beach. We live in a weird world.
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  • 02nd Oct 2020 Future Plans

    The plan moving forward is that we will be purchasing a 4WD hopefully in early November (barring any dealys at the warves). The idea is that a capable 4WD will allow us to go to locations that have been out of reach by a small 2WD Suzuki Alto. It will give us the flexibility to find places where we can take some photos in truly stunning and unique places. Once we have the vehicle it will still take time to organise new models, do the photo shoots, prepare them and publish. As long as there aren't any new lock downs or restrictions, that is our plan moving forward. To bit by bit get back to full production as soon as possible.

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