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jessie-lee kitchen
Jessie-Lee adds her nude beauty to this kitchen for art.
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tiffani end of a day
How many times have we stopped and just enjoyed the end of a beautiful day? Tiffani did just that with incredible series of art nudes.
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  • 08th March 2017 There are some amazing sunset photo sets coming soon from Misty-Day and Tiffani and a fallout themed one with Tibbi. A stunning tropical beach one with Nora-Rose and a jaw dropping one with Evelyn. Some of these are first time revealing shoots too. Will be bringing sneak peeks soon :) P.S there are revealing sets from both Misty-Day and Kimberley. The Misty-Day one is waiting on her approval as she is still unsure about it, as there is someone in the members area that keeps reposting many of the photos to public forums. She doesn't mind members but doesn't want her images in public places. Something some people just cannot seem to comprehend or care about. Same issue with Kimberely. In fact she has officialy stopped nude modeling because of this problem. That's right, the sets we have in stock will all there ever will be of Kimberely. The (very) revealing ones may never see the light of day. This is a serious issue that affects everyone. Many models in the past have stopped modeling due to this in the past but I never made a post or comment about this before. Models like Charlie-V, Erin, Sindy to name just a few. Some wont do revealing sets for this very reason also. Many of you want to maintain your privacy with fake names, emails and accounts so you understand the value of privacy, but think that models don't deserve the same respect. There are those the clearly know the models in real life, but try to dox them and post their real identities on the net. This is possibly the worse thing you can do and a sure way to see models never coming back. If you wish to see more of these models in the future, then please don't repost members only images.
  • 17th February 2017 On another note. We have been very busy just getting on with business behind the scenes. Although we are not doing any news segments at the moment, they will be back in the near future, with some new features, but a smaller scale that makes more sense. We are working on the cooking shows mostly for now, as they are fun to do and people love watching Scarlett-Morgan and Castelle do what they do best. You may have noticed that the weekly videos have been mixed with various people, which has been met with very positive feedback. We hope to continue working with Dannii and hope to get her to do more photo shoots as requested by so many of her fans. Some of the TV shows are on hold or slow burn for now, as we try to get the new look site finished, which is where the bulk of our efforts are directed right now. It is basically just me and one web developer who are trying to get a site of this size re-done on our own. At the moment I am the one dragging the chain, as I try to juggle day to day life, running the site, creating new content and working on sourcing a new and better server for the future ahead.

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